WikiLeaks Unveiled (Part Two): Fake Anons, Defamation And Gatekeepers

WikiLeaks Unveiled (Part Two): Fake Anons, Defamation & Gatekeepers

Please read part one of this report: WikiLeaks Beyond The Veil: London’s Gatekeeper (Part One).

By: Ariyana Love 

In August 2019, I received a letter from Julian Assange and a notification from WikiLeaks official, welcoming me to Assange’s case. After Nils Melzer released his UN Torture Report on Assange in May, I wrote to WikiLeaks offering my services. I included my CV, references, and relevant documentation.

I was told by TLB Staff that WikiLeaks was following my work and The Liberty Beacon Project back in February 2018, weeks prior to the silencing of Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy. Also in February, The Liberty Beacon (TLB) had just partnered with Anonymous. Our combined platforms through a well-known Anonymous member increased TLB’s audience by 15 million. It’s fair to say that Assange was interested in the partnership.

A month later in March, Assange’s Internet was cut and all his communication to the outside world was severed. His privacy was severely breached through an intensive spy operation led by the CIA, leading up to his abduction and Forcible Transfer to HMP Belmarsh, by British and US forces.

I spent nearly a year, around the clock in selfless service to Assange. I used my own resources to investigate his case, campaigned online, and traveled to London twice, where I led multiple initiatives in defense of Assange.

I faced problems when a WikiLeaks member named Emmy Butlin, otherwise known as “Greek Emmy” (@greekemmy) on Twitter, began targeting me, harassing me and ruthlessly sabotaging my initiatives for Assange. The abuse began after I wrote my first article in defense of Assange, in October. Ms. Butlin made a concerted effort to undermine Assange’s decision to bring me on board while she was secretly turning other WikiLeaks experts and campaigners against me.

While investigating Assange’s case London, I also witnessed Ms. Butlin relentless sabotage of other grassroots support initiatives for Assange, such as hiding petitions, protests, and interviews. Ms. Butlin is regarded as a WikiLeaks authority figure and all newbies are directed to Ms. Butlin by the WikiLeaks community. She therefore yields considerable influence over large swaths of information surrounding Assange. Lies, manipulation, and petty crimes are not beneath her.

Myself and French journalist Monika Karbowska, were both physically assaulted by Ms. Butlin within three weeks of each other. Ms. Karbowska documented the assault (there were witnesses) and exposed the illegal court list scandal that Ms. Butlin was running, at Westminster Magistrate Court. She was Gatekeeping who would be “allowed” into the courtroom to attend Assange’s trials and how that information would be disseminated and through which channels. It was a highly illegal operation.

While in London, I interviewed several long-time activists for Assange. Two of them gave their testimony to me, about Ms. Butlin’s abusive behavior towards them. One activist known as “The Painter”, was the originator of “Candles for Assange”. She witnessed Ms. Butlin assault another key activist outside the Ecuadorian embassy, in 2017 and expressed disdain for Ms. Butlin stealing credit for her Candles for Assange dynamism.

Ms. Butlin’s calculated sabotage of activists is known among grassroots WikiLeaks supporters. I wanted to stop her despicable abuse so others would not be hurt like I was. Many activists are in agreement that the movement needs to be decentralized and out of the hands of Gatekeepers. So I went public with Ms. Butlin’s assault against me at Trafalgar Square on Dec. 8th. In doing so I put my reputation on the line.

In response to my announcement, Ms. Butlin used her power of influence to destroy my credibility in order to save her own. WikiLeak’s name is so powerful and they’ve been providing her a protective cover at which to conduct herself criminally, for years. She’s created a strong online footprint appearing to do a lot for Assange. WikiLeaks experts don’t seem to realize the extent of the damage she’s causing to people’s lives. They fail to recognize that she’s a chronic liar or that her nefarious deeds are sabotaging Assange and WikiLeaks from within, by continued impunity.

After three reports of Ms Butlin’s physical violence, you’d think WikiLeaks official would do something to address her abuse but she’s positioned herself so firmly within the WikiLeaks community over the last 9 years and she’s been manipulating them so thoroughly, that they simply could not believe our sincere testimonies.

In this report (part two), I will reveal the hidden enemy’s who helped Ms. Butlin assassinate my character which ultimately led to my defamation as “fake news” on the Twitter platform. The defamation hit was not organized by WikiLeaks and none of the official WikiLeaks campaigners participated. It was planned and executed by Gatekeepers.

These black op’s have positioned themselves as prominent leaders within Anonymous. Referred to unanimously by the real Anonymous as “fake anons“, the impostors are controlling Free Speech, Press Freedom and pushing false narratives known as controlled opposition.

WikiLeaks and Anonymous are synonymous because anons have been helping WikiLeaks from its inception. Therefore, governments have made a concerted effort over the years to infiltrate both community’s, making themselves needed and relied upon through apparent good deeds. Over time they have amassed powerful reputations, enabling them to wield a strong influence over the Anonymous collective and the WikiLeaks community.

Fake anons operate within cells to censor individuals like myself who speak too much truth. They use sophisticated cyber techniques to Gatekeep the flow of valuable information. Keep in mind, the state of Israel has pioneered the campaign to censor independent media online.

Previously, I led record-breaking campaigns in defense of Palestinian political prisoners and due to my media skills, I was approached by the real Anonymous on the Twitter platform in August, just after receiving Assange’s letter from HMP Belmarsh.

I was invited into Anonymous Discord servers by Mark @YourMarkLubbers. Mark messaged me directly and told me he’d followed me for years. He said he was a “big fan” of my work. Mark has done a tremendous amount of work to boost grassroots support for Assange and bypass the Gatekeepers.

There are many official WikiLeaks experts doing remarkable work on Assange’s case but there are also many unofficial campaigners and supposed “activists” who’ve positioned themselves to appear as if they’re a part of WikiLeaks official.

A toxic culture surrounds WikiLeaks, where bullying reigns supreme. Media is in itself a highly territorial field. Unofficial campaigners and Gatekeepers target new WikiLeaks supporters by stalking them to find any weakness whatsoever and amplifying it, to discredit them in front of others, and to ensure they won’t succeed. The vitally important components of empathy and compassion are wholesale denied as detestable weaknesses. So instead of harnessing the spirit of cooperation to amplify each others strengths and build a solid team capable of freeing Assange, they essentially keep the movement divided and unstable. Gatekeepers have amassed great influence over WikiLeaks experts, enabling tolerance of their abusive behaviors.

Unofficial campaigners don’t respect the freedoms they profess to defend due to ulterior motives. This damages the WikiLeaks image, giving the impression that they are hypocrites. Gatekeepers dominate others into compliance with their demands using government tactics of mobbing, harassment, lies, shaming, blaming, intimidation, coercion, and so on. I have watched these behaviors confuse new supporters, scaring them away from the cause by literally creating an unsafe online environment and at times making defensive initiatives for Assange, impossible. Ms. Butlin has influenced some Wikileaks experts to block me, denying me access to vital information pertaining to Assange. Knowing his case quite well, I was quick to defend Assange against mainstream media smears when they arose, which was quite frequently. But now I cannot see much of the online activity regarding Assange.

Some unofficial campaigners have even amassed greater influence than WikiLeaks official.

WikiLeaks has attracted millions of people from around the world, people from the working class on up to the higher echelons of society, people interested in transparency of government and a free press. But since WikiLeaks has no system of recruitment for grassroots supporters who want to be part of the movement, it’s left the door wide open for the Gatekeepers to handle newbies themselves. And this is an absolute waste.

Ms. Butlin (@greekemmy) has been greatly instrumental in keeping WikiLeaks ‘elite’ inner circle small, instead of decentralized while making sure new pro-Assange supporters are chased away from the movement with her sabotage and violence assaults. By deliberately destroying new grassroots initiatives, Ms. Butlin and other gatekeepers have prevented the movement from growing. Unity is essential if we’re going to free Assange and prevent the total enslavement of mankind. Governments know this.

WikiLeaks’ decision to bring me on board was a real shocker to the Gatekeepers because Assange and I broke through their usual channels of control. After Assange’s initial letter to me, there was a stream of letters going out to other grassroots media supporters like myself. I watched as the Gatekeepers targeted a total of six people whom Assange wrote to, in an attempt to discredit and smear them. Many witnessed this as it was done out in the open, on Twitter. Again these were allies chosen by Assange himself.

To further confirm my suspicions of Gatekeeping within the movement, Assange sent an S.O.S. in Morse Code to WikiJustice in July 2019. I began to realize that it would be a matter of time before the infiltrators turned to attack me if they could, although it was not going to be easy due to my credibility.

Targeting increases

When @Doctors4Assange released their first open letter stating that Assange’s life was in extreme danger due to the prolonged torture, I knew it was necessary for me to do a Twitter storm to amplify their medical warning. After I received permission to lead the storm from Doctors for Assange, Roger Landry made an urgent announcement to The Liberty Beacon.

Mark (@YourMarkLubbers) created a group on Twitter to help me amplify the storm. Right on cue, my efforts were sabotaged days before I launched the storm by AK (@An0nAKn0wledge). He began attacking me and trying to frame me as a “liar”. AK was vehemently angry at me after I appeared as a guest on his show, “Anonymous Bites Back” @ABB. I volunteered to come on to highlight Doctors for Assange’s emergency medical warning. It was a four-hour broadcast and towards the end, the others were getting off-topic. I made a brief comment from Islam, adding to the discussion and I think that really ticked him off. Apparently, AK hates Muslims. I just want to point out that the host of a broadcast reserves the right to edit out anything they deem inappropriate. Being angry with your guest is plain stupid.

AK captured a screenshot from a chat and managed to use it to convince Mark that I’m a “liar” because he suddenly turned against me. Having dealt with a lot of infiltration within the pro-Palestine movement, I developed a habit of taking screenshots of anything suspicious. I had proof that AK was lying but it didn’t help. I was abandoned when it counted most for Assange but still, I managed to put all the material together for the storm myself. Regardless of the drama, I led #StopTheTorture Twitter storm during my Christmas holiday.

None of the campaigners supported my storm. Despite the betrayal I felt, I still accomplished what needed to be done. I used a tweet list that I had successful results with during previous storms. I blasted out @Doctors4Assange’s open letter, as well as all relevant information pertaining to Assange’s case which I’d been studying for months, directly into the inboxes of influencers, government officials, international human rights bodies, mainstream and independent media, celebrities, activists, etc. I was in fact the only campaigner using this highly effective technique and that’s what got me targeted. Since I’m already known and trusted by international bodies, it wasn’t necessary that my tweets were amplified. It was enough to use my reputation and platform to defend Assange, as I promised him I would do.

Black anons

When @Doctors4Assange released their second open letter, I stepped up to do a second Twitter storm. Immediately after I announced my intentions to lead another storm via a tweet, I was approached by direct message (DM) by a man who goes by “WEDA” and uses the Twitter handle, @DaPeople.

WEDA saw my announcement. He was friendly at first and told me he led a Twitter storm for Lauri Love which got him released from jail. WEDA offered to make a tweet sheet for my storm. I was appreciative of his offer, especially since the others had abandoned me. Unfortunately, it was a setup.

Now Anonymous has a rule against “snitching”. This means private chats must not be made public. However, AK forfeited that rule when he used a screenshot from our chat to frame me as a “liar”. Since there’s a rule in Anonymous against snitching there ought to be a rule against hypocrisy.

Here we go:

Two days later I did a 3-4 minute video to rally people behind the Twitter storm and in the caption, I wrote: “Viva Anonymous“. WEDA immediately tweeted abusive comments beneath my video, accusing me of “infiltration” and stealing his Twitter storm idea. WEDA didn’t mention to me that he was intending to do a Twitter storm for Assange. When I confronted him in a DM, he told me I “don’t have a right to use Anonymous name”.

I told him I was promoting Anonymous and reaching out to Anonymous soldiers for support but WEDA refused to delete his abusive tweets and began blasting me with false accusations, in DM’s. Simultaneously, Raymond @RayJoha2 also started slamming me with threats and accusations in a DM. I had never so much as chatted with either one of them prior to this. I should have blocked them instantly but I was still naively thinking this was a misunderstanding that could be sorted out, so I tried to reason with them. They were launching a well-organized hit to defame me but I did not know it yet.

AK, WEDA and Raymond were monsters. I was not familiar with this strange Anonymous culture of misogyny. The anons I knew were always respectful towards me.

WEDA revealed a couple things that are in the public’s best interest to know. He told me he’s “Jewish“. I responded to him with “that’s fine, I have no problem with Jews”. I had noticed that Joziah is a Hebrew name but what WEDA really meant is that he’s a stinking Zionist because threats ensued.

Incidentally, it’s WEDA who was controlling and taking over my plans to lead a Twitter storm. AK, WEDA, and Raymond managed to convince the Anonymous collective (on Twitter) that I stole his Twitter storm idea when the opposite was true.

Attacks continued:

NOTE: WEDA revealed the chief motivation for his behavior was to get the attention of WikiLeaks. After all, “nothing was more important” to him:

WEDA confessed to me something else I found quite odd. He said “some of the others,” told him they were afraid I was “taking over the movement”.

Say what?

WEDA saw me as a threat. Imagine, a movement that was created by millions of people worldwide and I was effectively taking it over? If I had that kind of influence isn’t that a confession? Wasn’t he revealing that I’m effective at what I do? Doesn’t that prove that people like my work and most importantly, wasn’t that good for Assange? If these were authentic anons who genuinely care about Julian’s life, they would view me as an ally.

Defamation begins

On February 3rd, Raymond, WEDA, AK, London’s Gatekeeper Ms. Butlin, and a slew of other fake anons unrecognizable to me, launched a defamation campaign to undermine Wikileaks and destroy my credibility as a media professional.

#OpNewBlood was originally created as a way to teach new anons how to remain safe online. Today it’s used for other things as infiltrators have changed the Anonymous culture.

Nowadays, #OpNewBlood is used to expose criminals and operatives within the movement such as white supremacists, neo-Nazi’s, spies, child molesters, and those who cause serious harm to others. It can be accompanied by doxxing. It’s used as a way to signal to others within the movement to take this person down and out of the movement, permanently.

#OpNewBlood should never ever be used against media professionals, human rights advocates, single mothers, or those defending highly principled men like WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange.

My nightmare began:

Raymond continued WEDA’s lie that I tried to “high jack” his Twitter storm and “personally benefit” from.. well.. I guess that was left up to the imagination.

I am a volunteer human rights defender. Journalism is a necessity for me to be able to defend others. I take on causes I truly believe in. With every new case, I gain invaluable experience and develop my media skills.

I have been targeted, censored, and de-platformed many times, on multiple platforms since Israel launched its campaign in 2017, to target and censor independent media online. I’ve had somewhere between 250,000 to 300,000 followers stolen from me and the real Anonymous knows this full well:

Full stop! The Liberty Beacon partnered with Anonymous in 2018. I began collaborating with Anonymous activists in 2016, when I was introduced to a First Nations Medicine man who helped me expose the US Government’s use of banned chemical weapons, against civilians at Standing Rock, in the US. I also collaborated with Anonymous to prevent Israel from demolishing the Palestinian village Al Khan Al Ahmar in West Bank by urging the ICC to threaten legal action if Israel demolished and Forcibly Transferred (genocide) the village inhabitants.

After launching Occupy Palestine TV (OPTV) news channel in January of 2018, the real Anonymous unanimously agreed to grant me the right to display the Anonymous name on my website, if I chose. OPTV is the only news channel in the world which Anonymous has agreed to do this for because they are proud of my work and I make the collective look good.

Incidentally, I know a few of the original hackers who were hired to create the Internet. The CIA wanted to keep Internet technology for military purposes and some of my friends fought to ensure it got into the public domain. So thanks to them, we have Internet today. This was long before the Guy Fawkes mask was popularized or the Anonymous name was coined.

The reality is, I’m too credible:

I’ve never engaged in “LGBTQ-bashing”. In fact, I defend their rights to safety. Raymond wants you to think there’s no agenda being pushed by the elites to mainstream pedophilia and if you question the agenda being pushed to normalize it, then you’re “anti-gay”.

One of my favorite Youtubers is transgender. I promote this individual because she is against the transgendering of children and we agree that’s child abuse. It should be obvious to everyone but it isn’t due to social conditioning. but people are pushing back against the agenda.

The horrific abuse of our children is allowed to continue before our eyes, on prime time TV, due to Gatekeepers like Raymond who want to hide the truth.

Not only that, pro-Palestinian activists know that “antisemitism” is the slander of choice and a favorite trick Zionists use to attack activists with, as former Israeli Minister of Education explained in an interview with Democracy Now, years ago.

The only people ever to accuse me of anti-semitism prior to fake anons were Israeli Zionists:.

Actually, Anonymous has supported me a lot.

“Love and respect”? You should have read the direct messages this sick bastard was sending me! He enjoyed every minute of his abuse like a true misogynist, while he was rallying others to abuse me too.

Black anons showed up to reinforce the storyline. I didn’t recognize any of their sock puppet accounts which feigned a noble “teaching moment” through Raymond’s superior “positive messaging”..

The assassination consisted of slanderous accusations of racism, bigotry, antisemitism, fake news and being a government agent. I was certain that people are not stupid enough to believe that I’m a “racist anti-Semitic”, considering I’ve been defending Palestinian people since 2012. Given that Palestinian people are Jews, Christians, Muslims, tanned skinned, brown, and black, I thought people would reason that one out for themselves. Boy was I was wrong! In fact, people are so easily deceived, truly lacking the ability to critically think for themselves. I’m most definitely needed in the media field!

Due to my unwavering commitment to truth, the petty criminals had a hard time finding substantial “evidence” of my seeming badness. Using lies to advance my career or manipulate others is unthinkable to me. Therefore, these sick bastards used old or edited screenshots, omitting the original context in which my tweets were used.

Screenshot number one:

To an ignorant bystander, this publication might seem “racist”. But the screenshot is from an article I published to Middle East Rising (MER) news channel, in 2017. In the five years, I directed and edited the site for The Liberty Beacon, this was the only publication the Israeli state could find to twist and use against me in a smear campaign. They did so only after taking down the MER Youtube channel and MER website. Only MER’s Facebook page remains.

The article was filled with considerable evidence that six million Jews may not have been killed during the second world war. Now you can call me a stickler for truth but I find this newsworthy.

Since 1945, “official” estimates of the number of victims has been steadily declining. The plaque currently on display at Auschwitz says 1.5 million people were killed. See link.

The consensus of current “authoritative” figures approximate Jewish deaths closer to half a million or less. Most of these “authoritative figures are Jewish. Even some Jewish Rabbi’s are saying that the “6 million” figure is a hoax. So why are we still feeding this false historic narrative? Better yet, why is the Israeli state hell-bent on censoring this article and everyone who shares it?

This same article was shared by Jeremy Corbyn and Chris Williamson. Corbyn is himself Jewish and both men are defending human rights more than any other British politician. At the same time the Israeli state was targeting me, they were also targeting Corbyn, Williamson, and a slew of other pro-Palestine activists as “anti-Semites”.

A Jerusalem Post article from March 2019, written by a so-called Israeli “journalist”, accused me and other reputable activists such as Ariel Gold, of being Jewish and anti-Semitic. It mentioned a 270-page report he compiled to prove our supposed Jew-hatred. The JPost article further accused me of having White Nationalist “allies”. This slander came from the fact that the article they were striving to censor, was written by the Renegade Tribune. You can read the original article which Israel has managed to censor across the Internet, here. It’s the article they don’t want you to read.

It’s usual for a Publisher to choose articles from a variety of websites and it’s all too common for an Editor to publish an article without agreeing with everything the author has written. Israeli Zionists and fake anons were relying on you not knowing that. I didn’t write the article and I didn’t choose the title. The content within is valuable, in my opinion, especially since our present-day oligarchs are preparing for another “Great Reset”.

I am not Jewish and I don’t have any White Nationalist friends or associates. I don’t believe in ethnic nationalism, which to me is racist, no different than Zionism.

I was targeted for exposing Israeli state war crimes. Israeli cyber terrorists criminally removed my news channels, used spoken transient slander, written permanent slander, and malicious falsehoods affecting my earning power.

Many of my articles and publications are gone, along with much of my online footprint. I’m still internationally known and much of my older work can still be found on The Liberty Beacon and other media agencies such as Global Research, Middle East Monitor, Anti-Media, and more.

The overinflated six-million lie is the primary justification used for the ongoing extermination of the Palestinian people today. So you see, this is relevant news and it’s my particular area of expertise. You’d think that an “anon” who professes to represent independent media, would know this.

Screenshot number two:

Taken out of context, the next screenshot could be shocking to some. However, I was commenting on the breaking news that Harvey Weinstein has no testicles and a vagina. No, it was not fake news.

This was was exposed after one of Weinstein’s victims divulged the information through her court testimony. After being forced to perform oral sex on Weinstein, she got a pretty close look at his genitalia.

The point I was making here is that Harvey Weinstein was born female. It was relevant to mention considering the news post and I think it’s important people learn to break through the deception of Hollywood and see things for what they are.

It’s sometimes frustrating for me, seeing what others don’t. When a young female is administered hormones in prepubescence, her clit will grow into a tiny penis. The mainstream media refuses to educate people on these facts.

Since WikiLeaks released the Podesta emails in 2016, I began researching the elites and learning everything I can about their occult religion. As I journeyed down the rabbit hole, I discovered unimaginable evils existing in our world. That’s when I began to understand the depths of the dilemma Assange was facing. How was he going to increase people’s awareness of the ritualistic child sacrifice and child trafficking, for blood, sex, and organs, by our elites in the highest echelon of society, to an unsuspecting population?

Hollywood stars are mostly transgendered. This is not because they were born with Gender Dysphoric. Hollywood stars are from elite, occult bloodlines. Only the bloodlines make it to the top in the Entertainment Industry and get to be worshiped like gods by the masses.

Since the Podesta leak, I also studied forensics for two and a half years and learned to identify males from females, based on a measurable visual analysis of bone size and shape. Forensics is a science. An archeologist is able to dig up bones from the Earth and determine if they’re looking at a male or female skeleton. Forensics experts can do the same with a living or deceased body. And bones don’t lie you just have to know how to read them.

I also studied in-depth, the artificial surgical procedures used to change one’s gender appearance and the dangerous side effects of hormones, as well as the benefits to those who truly suffer from Gender Dysphoria. Hormones cause irreversible damage and permanent sterility. I hope you’re not going to tell me that children are capable of making adult decisions about their own reproduction before they even know what sex is. Are you?

The elite bloodlines are Luciferian occultists. They are inverting the gender of their own and other’s children, through ritual sacrifice known as Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). Luciferians believe blood and child sacrifice gives them power in this world and by deceiving you, they are able to continue their evil practices.

Luciferian children are generationally indoctrinated into the occult through sexual violence and traumas inflicted on them during childhood. The more intelligent the child the greater the power that’s obtained. Their sophisticated systems of torture have been perfected for centuries and their victims are easily controlled due to the compartmentalization of the brain which occurs during extremely traumatic experiences. SRA, repeated over time during early developmental years and that person will rarely if ever recover.

In elite Luciferian circles, some kind of sacrifice is required. They often raise their children as the opposite sex and administer hormones in prepubescence. Elite children are forced to partake in terrifying rituals where empathy towards others is conditioned out of them, producing sociopath (psychopath) adults. By the time they reach adulthood the victim has become the victimizer. Simultaneously, elite children are told they are “chosen ones” so the extreme powerlessness they endured as children, is overcompensated in adulthood with supremacist ideological delusions and an insatiable appetite for debaucherous luxuries. The result is Harvey Weinstein.

Weinstein is a male to female transsexual. Like most children of the elite, he/she didn’t have a choice in the matter. They are so horrifically abused before they know what’s happening to them and they cannot break free from the mind control. They are bound to the order by blood and a huge part of their sorcery is deception. They believe in coerced consent so they hide their evil deeds in plain sight.

Hollywood is promoting the Luciferian agenda to confuse gender and normalize pedophilia. By manipulating men into unknowingly lusting after men and women to lust after women, they confuse the gender identity of impressionable youth and this is how they socially engineer an entirely new culture that is desensitized to abuse.

Only Luciferian bloodlines rise to the top in Hollywood. The highest-paid actors are nearly all transgender and I dare you to prove me wrong. Surgical procedures, costuming, and photo editing are used to disguise the true gender.

Feminine beauty is being redefined and our while the identity of impressionable youth is destabilized. It very well may be the biggest conspiracy of our day but there’s a growing number of people awakened to it, so please don’t shoot the messengers. Children are the most innocent and vulnerable, unable to defend themselves. If you aren’t honest or courageous enough to protect them, then that’s going to be on you.

If you wish to learn more about the Luciferian elite, I recommend listening to the testimony of SRA survivors from the International Tribunal of Natural Justice, led by CIA whistleblower Robert David Steele.

I also recommend listening to the very rare eye witness testimony of former elite Dutch banker Ronald Bernard, who admits that all people at the top of the central banking system are Luciferians, here.

Screenshot number three:

So Jesus Christ is an anti-Semite now too?

Raymond is conflating Jews with Zionists. His error, not mine.

Raymond wants you to believe that I’m attacking Jews and calling them the “Synagogue of Satan” but that is not the meaning here. What you’re seeing are Israeli militants abducting a child within the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT). They’re taking him across the Green Line for torture in an Israeli prison. This is a war crime upon horrific war crimes.

From the moment an Israeli steps into the OPT in military force, that “IDF soldier” makes a conscious decision to commit an act of terrorism. According to international law, this makes him or her a terrorist. Raymond is defending terrorists and he knows that very well.

Israeli militants are not Jews, they are Zionists. Authentic world Jewry has always opposed Zionism, military occupation of Palestine, and the Israeli state! Please listen to Rabbi Shapiro explain more here.

Ashkenazi Jews are occupying Palestine not authentic Sephardi or Hasidim Jews. Like it or not, Ashkenazi’s have zero DNA link to the Abrahamic tradition and authentic Judaism. Ashkenazi’s are all from eastern Europe. They’re not from the Middle East or occupied Palestine. Authentic Jews are all True Torah and Arabic Jews. Read more here.

The Biblical “chosen ones” conspiracy was created by Ashkenazi’s for political power. Israeli’s and the Jewish community at large are greatly indoctrinated with this deception and dwell in the dead sea of lies, while DNA does not lie. The real irony here is that Ashkenazi’s are historic anti-Semites. Yes that’s right, Ashkenazi’s generally despise all non-Jews.

Ashkenazi’s follow an extremely racist doctrine outlined in their Bible called the Talmud, which compares Jesus Christ to excrement and teaches that he’s a false Messiah. The Talmud also condones pedophilia. Ashkenazi Zionists worship the Talmudic god named Moloch who requires the sacrificial blood offering of children.

To make matters even worse, Israeli state laws are based on Talmudic law.

Now I’m not suggesting that all Ashkenazi’s or all Israeli’s are racist terrorists. Of course, not all Ashkenazi’s are Zionists just like not all Zionists are Jews. There are Christian Zionists for example. But indeed the majority of Ashkenazi’s have proven their overwhelming support for the Israeli policies of ethnic cleansing.

Palestinian DNA does however link back to Abraham’s seed, including Palestinian Arab Jews who are True Torah Jews. They are also opp oppressed by the Zionist state for refusing to participate in military occupation. Denying Palestinians their birthright and heritage is racist and anti-Semitic.

So you see, once again I was sharing the truth.

Nobody would be more unnerved by my tweet than an Ashkenazi fake Jew, except maybe Israeli Mossad. I did WikiLeaks a favor by drawing these deceivers out. Only an imposter relies on lies to silence truth while purporting to defend it.

Adding insult to injury, Raymond finished his assault by uploading the image of the Palestinian child being abducted by Israeli terrorists and sacrificed. Then Raymond updated his profile picture. He wanted to ensure the Palestinian people would believe he’s on their side and not come against him for assaulting me.

If you search Raymond’s timeline though, you’ll find that he’s not passionate about the Palestinian cause. That’s because he’s a sadistic, lying, misogynist creep who gets off on overpowering and harming women.

The takedown

Two weeks after the campaign to defame me was launched on February 17th, @wikileak’s main account was suspended by Twitter.

Within the same hour that the WikiLeaks account was suspended, my @mideastrising account was also suspended. The same people who targeted me were also targeting Wikileaks. Now think about that.

The following day on February 18th, I tweeted a notification from my campaign account @Mothers4Assange about @mideastrising’s suspension.

Raymond descended on me within minutes:

@Mother4Assange account was then suspended later that evening.

@mideastrising account belonged to The Liberty Beacon Project (TLB). I directed it since 2014. My 2,300 followers were removed, along with a 6-year record of some of my most significant media and campaign work I’ve done. A year of campaigning in defense of Julian Assage was also wiped.

Two days later, my primary Youtube channel was permanently suspended, years of content was wiped there and my followers too. I think the fake anons were attempting to erase my online footprint and all the campaign work I’d done for Assange and WikiLeaks. It’s a good thing I already backed up my London protest speeches defending Assange, which can still be viewed on my Bitchute channel, here.

It was impossible to lead a Twitter storm with the ongoing defamation so on February 16th, I bowed out. AK and his pals took the opportunity to ridicule me although he knew full well what was occurring because he did, after all, spearheaded the assassination.

AK used his association to Courage Foundation and WikiLeaks to influence his followers within Anonymous, to ensure they would turn against me.

AK’s pals furthered the assassination with tweets like this:

Calling me a “cop” was libelous, criminal slander and it was retweeted by AK. The result was devastating.

AK also stated in a tweet something about “6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust and everybody knows that end of story” blah blah, to justify his assault and reinforce the 6 million narrative.

AK was referring to this tweet where I dared to ask a historic question:

If you think I’m abusing my free speech and harming the feelings of Jewish people by asking historic questions, then you’ are a racist, not me. You are biased for omitting the feelings of Palestinian people by selectively choosing to agree with a supremacist ideology that some lives matter and not others.

AK, who was once a peer, made it clear that questioning the established narrative was off-limits, and apparently to him, it justified defamation of character. Would you please explain to me how AK was appointed Twitter’s Free Speech police? Isn’t AK the very same guy who’s tweeted countless times in “defense” of free speech and press freedom? Who is he to violate the free speech of others and worse, lead his followers to assault me and convince them that I’m fake news and a shill?

AK made mistakes in his media reporting. Oh yes! He made a lot of mistakes. When I politely pointed out his errors, because I thought I was helping, his followers listened to me and realized the mistakes for themselves. I thought these were just minor errors but later I realized that AK is peddling the establishment’s agenda under the guise of independent media and under the umbrella of Anonymous.

AK was fanning coronavirus fear porn before anybody else. He was parroting corporate media’s Covid-19 numbers every single day in fact. AK, along with @YourAnonCentral were shaming people to remain in lockdown even after experts revealed that the draconian orders are illegal and compliance with them would cause more deaths as well as an economic catastrophe. I was simply exposing AK’s agenda without even realizing it.

The final nail in the coffin

WikiLeak’s member and London’s Gatekeeper Ms. Bultin placed the final nail in the coffin of my defamation. Two weeks after I was de-platformed and my accounts suspended, I created a new Twitter account under my name, @ariyanalove_ms.

Ms. Butlin quickly pulled another doozie from her hat of tricks to turn WikiLeaks and the pro-Assange community against me, with her malevolent lies:

People did not even question if Ms Butlin’s libel were true or not. I dare anyone to ask Ms Butlin for proof of her claim that I “asked WikiLeaks for money” to fund my campaign ideas. Also, ask her for proof of that supposed reply where WikiLeaks “said we did not have any such money”. Ms. Butlin won’t be able to provide evidence because there isn’t any.

What I did do was send to Ms. Butlin what information I had gathered on the details and estimated cost of running an ad campaign across London, to draw attention to Assange’s plight. I had been deliberating what could be done to raise awareness in the general population because the British media was silencing Assange.

In October, I told Ms. Butlin I was researching the costs of running an ad campaign. She lied to me and said, “we are already doing an ad campaign”. Then she stole my idea and claimed it as her own. I didn’t really care that she stole credit I just hoped she was sincerely going to do it because it needed to be done. Alas, she sat on it for months. Only after Doctors for Assange’s open letter came out and blasted through the media censorship did Ms. Butlin finally run a minuscule ad on the back of a bus, when it was already too late and no longer needed.

The effects of Ms. Butlin’s abuse of power was devastating for me:

Assange supporters started blocking my new account in the dozens. I was no longer able to access vital information on Assange’s case or defend him. Ms. Butlin made sure of that.

I switched to using an Anonymous backup campaign account, where nobody would attack me and I wasn’t blocked by the community. I had to continue campaigning because the US Extradition show trial was about to begin and I knew I was much needed.

The WikiLeaks community responded positively to my tweets from the Anonymous account. They liked my work very much when they did not know it was me and when they were not manipulated by Ms. Butlin. That was encouraging and quite interesting to observe.

Believe it or not, I even used WEDA’s hashtag #NoUS4Julian and promoted that bastards Twitter storm because it was at least, better than nothing. I repeated my strategy of tagging international bodies during the first week of Assange’s Extradition hearing which I also attended in London. I’ve done multiple Twitter storms. I compiled threads daily, of choice articles and news reports from the show trial, making it available as a resource for media and governments.

I tested WEDA’s reaction and messaged him directly to show him that despite his debase accusations, I was defending Assange with sincere intentions. By supporting WEDA’s campaign even after his assault, it would demonstrate to anyone, that my intentions are sincere.

WEDA just told me, “I can spot you from a mile away, Ariyana”. He was still a cold SOB which revealed what I needed to be sure of. I was nothing but competition for him gaining the “attention of Wikileaks” and getting them to believe he is supporting them, despite the fact that aside from a few dozen retweets from the Anonymous community, his hashtag never trended.

WEDA’s motivation was to ensure that he was the only person leading a Twitter storm for Assange while ultimately failing to rock the storm.

Additional evidence of defamation

Prior to the defamation assault by Ms. Butlin and fake anons in February 2020, she had begun recruiting people to her side and made several attempts to assassinate my character even before I disclosed her physical violence and abuse against me in November 2019.

Slanderous tweets from accounts I did not recognize began popping up, fueled by Ms. Butlin. Like this tweet is from January 2020:

Pay particular attention to those who jumped into the comments to support the slander:

The pink bunny

It’s absolutely sickening to me that anybody would make such a concerted effort to use WikiLeaks and Julian Assange’s good name to destroy someone’s life when a simple apology would suffice. It doesn’t phase Ms. Butlin in the least, that I’m a single mother with a family to provide for. Nothing is sacred to these people and it seems, nothing is off-limits either.

Ms. Butlin is using WikiLeaks to victimize innocent activists with violence, slander, and in my case, defamation while committing petty crimes like the court list scandal. She’s been operating under the guise of being “overly protective of Assange”, which I’ve heard many times from people within the community. It’s been working for her thus far but now the gig is up.

Just prior to the Kronstadt’s tweets, which could be from a sock puppet account of Ms Butlin’s for all I know, there was this interesting but slanderous tweet made by Ms Butlin on November 1st, a week prior to her violent attack against me at the Trafalgar Square, November 16th, 2019 protest.

This proves Ms Butlin was after me even before I disclosed her abuse:

It’s interesting that Ms. Butlin and Kronstadt lumped me together with two other Journalists who have realized Ms. Butlin’s Gatekeeping even before I fully realized it myself. I have never so much as chatted with Jimmislamma let alone “cooperated” with her. Jummuslamma did however write a scathing article last week, about the Gatekeeping within the WikiLeaks movement. There have already been a few journalists exposing Ms. Butlin but will WikiLeaks ever catch on to it?

Davey Heller is a fine investigative journalist. He and I did in fact cooperate to promote the grassroots initiatives of Truman Human and his Trafalgar Square protest, as well as Ariya’s Belmarsh protest in November 2019, in order to get around Ms. Butlin’s Gatekeeping. We made memes for the events and Anonymous, led by @YourMarkLubbers, helped us promote the protests while Ms. Butlin made every attempt to sabotage us.

Ms. Butlin has been blocking and sabotaging grassroots supporters for years, preventing the growth of the movement while ensuring that all information and activity pertaining to Assange, goes through her.

I could never understand why Ms Emmy Butlin used a pink bunny as her Twitter profile. The “pink bunny” has a most offensive sexual connotation, highly inappropriate for a campaign to free Assange, in my opinion.

Sorry about this but it has to be done:

This is the mentality of somebody who uses sex to dominate men. It further demonstrates a narcissistic personality. Now I’m not a qualified psychologist but they say a narcissist always needs a victim and Ms. Butlin has had plenty.

In addition, I’d like to point out that when governments seek an informant they’re most likely going to approach individuals already positioned within the movement who can be easily bribed. Their target is going to be an egomaniac, petty criminal, liar, and preferably those with preexisting mental conditions. Just saying.

While I’m at it, here’s one more thing that has to be exposed. The campaign account for Mrs Christine Assange is supposedly Julian Assange’s mother. But it’s not. Several long time defenders of Assange have confirmed the account is not Christine Assange. One of the things that Assange said just before his communication was severed at the embassy was, “do not trust anybody but my legal team“.

In response to the release of part one to this report, the person operating the Twitter account under Mrs. Christine Assange’s name had this to say to me:

Do you see the twisted logic here? The person manning this account is an avid campaigner and knows full well that I was assaulted but chooses to defend the Gatekeeper.

I’ve witnessed quite a few oddities from this account, such as contrary statements to those made by John Shipton, Julian Assange’s father, about writing to Julian.

I’d rather be defending Assange but Ms. Butlin has compromised my safety, sabotaged years of my work, and prevented me from taking further action in his defense. On the other hand, Ms. Butlin is free to assassinate my character with slander, all day long if she wishes but when I take action to defend myself then that’s “smearing“. 

The hidden injury of Defamation

The mobbing assault by fake anons in February, was a rallying cry, signaling other anons and people within the WikiLeaks community to unleash their hostility on me. I was accosted day and night in this campaign to destroy my credibility, which continued on for months. I was already weakened from Ms. Butlin’s vehement abuse and from the defamation campaign waged against me by the Israeli state, which began affecting my earnings and safety back in 2018. Plus I was exhausted from around the clock defensive actions for Assange. I simply could not shield myself against the defamation.

Many people took turns piercing me with their malice, like steel knives through my flesh. I was a sacrificial lamb in their occult-like ritual. It felt just like rape, from each orifice of my body as I was stripped of all my merits. The people I never thought would betray me also took their turn with me. Then I was left on the roadside to bleed out. Passerby’s continued stabbing me, not questioning why I was there. Nobody cared. Everyone assumed that I committed an unforgivable act and they believed that Wikileaks dumped me out for not being credible enough. This was exactly what the gatekeepers wanted.

I never realized such malice dwells inside people’s hearts as I was forced to swallow people’s relentless cruelty. My excellence earned through hard work and time away from my sons was wasted. Those sleepless nights I spent reporting war crimes to the UN, in order to prompt ceasefire negotiations sooner than later, which resulted in lives saved, became meaningless. All the weekends I spent in research, editing, and writing, to bring people the real news which corporate media censors and the fact I’d always used my influence to help others, became mute.

I even began questioning myself, if I was indeed a credible journalist! I went back over material I’d tweeted and reported on, to check for mistakes but I couldn’t find anything significant, to warrant the criminal assault of my character. People hated me and wanted to hurt me. They wanted me permanently wounded and others wanted me dead. Little by little my voice faded into nothing.

The media specialists who know I am credible will not associate with me even though some of them are more than happy to use the information I’ve procured over the last few months, on the Coronavirus plandemic drill.

These past five months, I was in far too much pain, unable to coherently write this report due to the heavy burden of psychological torture which accompanies defamation. Targeted Individuals have tasted the damaging effects to their concentration and overall well-being. I did find myself making minor mistakes I would never otherwise make so I was particularly careful. My abusers waited in the wings for me to slip up, for anything they could use to justify their assault. They continue to stalk me and target every new ally I make, on Twitter. Since February, I’ve watched as new media professionals and anons who begin following me because they like my work, are quickly influenced by hidden enemies, and disappear again.

What the bastards didn’t count on is the solid following I have on Facebook where my enemies were not able to touch. Their hit was meant to take me out permanently. Most of the fake anons don’t use Facebook so they were unaware of my activity there and my strong following. Many of my followers are activists themselves and they have observed closely my development in media over the years. They also witnessed all the defensive actions I took for Assange and they were able to mirror my worth back to me.

Anonymous also came to my aid. “Your wish our command, just ask Ariyana,” they said. As I kept reporting my findings on Coronavirus, I once again proved myself as a credible Journalist. I was reporting the truth before any other Journalists or experts began coming forward.

Finally, Mark (@YourMarkLubbers) returned to me. I explained to him what happened and he realized it’s all true. I refused to give up because I know that my knowledge and experience in the media are extremely valuable and much needed. We are at war and there’s no giving up.

I was just coming through two years of a defamation campaign launched by the Israeli state. This is what made the Gatekeepers defamation particularly cruel. I just want to emphasize once more time that the same screenshots used by Ms. Butlin and the fake anons to assassinated my character with, was the same used prior, by the Israeli state.

Only the South American WikiLeaks and pro-Assange community realized the assault. Only they stood beside me throughout because they have heart and soul. They’ve been observing the gatekeeping for years, unable to do anything to stop it and they would like to see WikiLeaks finally do something about it.

Everyone working in the media has limitations. Everyone makes mistakes and nobody has all the answers. Nobody can be expected to be as good or gifted as Assange who never had to retract a single article. He’s a legend that way.

Making a mistake does not make you “fake news”, it makes you human. When somebody has an agenda to deceive you, now that’s fake news. In seven years of directing and editing for TLB, I only had to retract two articles. That’s not bad. How do you think I earned the attention of Assange?

After working on an organic farm this summer and being in sunshine and nature, I was finally able to pull through and communicate my tragedy to the world.


Wikileaks needs to hear every word of this report. Ms. Butlin interfered with my work and she interfered with my earning ability and greatly affected my well-being. She has damaged my life, also impacting my family, simply because she could. There’s reason to believe that Ms. Butlin and the other Gatekeepers are targeting me still. I’m being stalked and they’re hell-bent on ensuring I will never be taken seriously as a media professional or as a professional in any capacity. She has caused potentially irreparable damage to my reputation while compromising my safety and while doing a great service to governments by assisting in the erasure of my online footprint on Twitter and Youtube and defaming my good character.

I want to emphasize that this hit was not orchestrated by WikiLeaks and official Wikileaks campaigners did not participate in the character assassination. WikiLeaks pioneered grassroots media and they have championed Freedom of the Press. However, not even WikiLeaks came to my aid despite that I’d brought significant results to the Assange campaign and worked with great dedication, sometimes around the clock and on my own dime, to defend him. WikiLeaks was either unaware of what was going on or they were being deceived by Ms. Butlin, most likely the latter. The possibility that they just don’t care and would use me to achieve their goals then discard me like a bag of bones, is unlikely. Their response to this report will be the litmus test, I guess.

I never once asked WikiLeaks for money. In fact, I offered my services free of charge. I wrote WikiLeaks a few times offering every skill I have to assist Assange. They can verify this from my emails. Defending Assange was a great honor for me. It was important that I prove myself before asking anything and I thought this way would strengthen trust. I saw this an opportunity to work with experts on Assange’s case and possibly gain more experience in trauma treatment and recovery.

Considering that Assange is surrounded by many disloyal and greedy people, I wanted to show him that people like me do exist in this world and that someone truly appreciates and understands what he’s done for us all. I wanted to give him hope in his seemingly hopeless plight and show him that I was willing to sacrifice for him and share a portion of his suffering without using him for my own benefit.

I was credible when WikiLeaks needed me and I’m credible still. I was not discarded or tossed to the side by WikiLeaks for not a credible expert but rather because I don’t fit into people’s mold of reality and I never really have.  I know I am different and I’ve always been this is who I am. My father will tell you his favorite thing about me is, “what you see is what you get with Ariyana”.

For years I used my knowledge and influence to defend other people’s human rights as well as our freedoms. Journalism is more than a passion to me, it’s a necessity. The most precious things in this life, my credibility, and my voice have been stolen from me because I told the truth about Ms. Butlin’s abuse, in order to protect both myself and everyone else who comes into her crosshairs and to protect WikiLeaks, Julian Assange and the cause we are fighting for.

I have been writing for The Liberty Beacon Project (TLB) for the last seven years. TLB has been ranked in the top 50 online news networks, since 2014. Not only was I mentored by TLB but I helped build their reputation through directing and editing Middle East Rising news channel.

I lived in the occupied West Bank for a year, studying Israeli military occupation and Apartheid, Palestinian culture, Zionism, Middle East history, and Islam. I learned international human rights laws pertaining to and forensics, to be a better journalist and I interviewed refugees in camps in Jordan, Greece, and Finland. I’ve worked together with about 50 or 60 journalists from occupied Palestine, since 2014 and collaborated with many more media professionals. I’ve broken stories and saved lives, potentially thousands.

Please tell me, at what point do you become a credible journalist? When you’re skilled enough to be targeted by the Zionist state of Israel?

Every title I have, I’ve worked extremely hard to earn. My educational background is in Motion Picture Video (film) and my career training was in upper-level business management and corporate finance. Having been raised in a poor family by a single mother, nothing came easy to me. I believe in being self-taught when most people are order followers. My principles are all I have and I firmly stand beside them, the same as Assange did. This is why I can admire him. I do not admire deceivers.

Individuals who risk everything to bring the truth to others are extremely rare. Those willing to be tortured for truth and so we can all live in a free world, are people worth admiring. Assange inspires me. He’s demonstrating that there are others like me, stronger in fact and even more deserving of mercy. He gives me hope that we will live in a better world one day. I think the people surrounding Julian Assange should strive to be examples of excellence and follow Assange’s lead.

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